Oh, Yeah

     I think I've been going through this school year forgetting to savor one of the most simple pleasures of teaching young children: they say mean things.  They don't mean to, they don't think they're being mean, and so I guess they're not.  They just haven't developed what I call the "filter."  That part of your brain that tells you "rephrase that" or "shut up."  They're still missing that part.
     But it came up earlier this week when one of my favorite little guys told me that my hands "look old and wrinkly."  He didn't mean that I'm old (even though he things I am) and he didn't mean that my hands look ugly, he was just making an observation, that's all.  It reminded me of some of the un-filtered comments I've heard and thought I ought to write them down before I lose them.  Here are the ones that have seared me enough to remember.  They're pretty funny.
  • "You look like a man."  (on a day when I tried something different with my hair)
  • "You looked better yesterday." (the same day)
  • "Are you almost going to have a baby?" (meaning: you look fat)
  • "Can you not have babies? My mom had lots of babies when she was your age."
  • "My mom hates you."
  • "Mr. Meakin gave Mrs. Meakin flowers. Mr. Caldwell didn't give you any?"
  • "We are not friends." 
  • "On no, you're wearing those ugly glasses."     
     I guess I should be glad they're learning English.