New School Year Resolutions

     I've decided to make some resolutions for this new school year.  I'm publishing them because they say that if you share your goals you're more likely to achieve them.  I'm aware of only one person who reads this regularly, but this still counts as sharing, right TPNB?

1.  More thoughtful math instruction.  We're a Reading First school, which kind of means we have a strong focus on reading and language arts instruction.  I'll work to hold myself accountable and find my own research regarding math in my room.

2.  Semi-personalized spelling lists every week.  10 words the whole class has, 5 words based on your Words Their Way developmental level.  

3.  Something cute on the door once a month.  (This means one art project a month.  Cute is not my strength.)

4.  Get my friend Grant to do a magic show as a reward for... something.

5.  Learn (and remember) a few Russian words from my Russian kids.

6.  Make time for reflection, even if I have to do it by myself.  

7.  Learn something, ANYTHING, from my mandatory English as a Second Language endorsement classes.

8.  Get all kids, regardless of level, reading chapter books by winter break.  Not to stop reading picture books, I love them.  I want my kids to know how to remember what's going on in a book and how to pick up where they let off.  

9.  Keep my room clean enough that I'm not embarrassed when other teachers come in.  

10.  Wear more of my awesome high heel collection.  Because the kids love purple patent leather too.