I've Created Life!

The most exciting thing all summer has been my garden. It is a total success, in my opinion. We eat from it about every day and it's delicious. So far we've harvested: spinach, lettuce, green beans, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, some fancy kind of green tomatoes, zucchini squash, crookneck squash, and watermelon. We're still waiting on bell and jalipenio peppers, cantaloupes, and red onions. The only casualty: asparagus, which is interesting that I couldn't grow it because it grows as a weed in some places. And, on the plant, waiting to be eaten: artichokes! Lots of people told me they didn't think they could grow here, but here they are! (This is not a picture of one of my artichokes, but they do look like this!)

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